Fort O’Brien School announces 3rd Quarter honor roll

3rd Grade; Honors- Aiden Espling, Abby Gagne; 4th Grade; Honors- Maya Henderson, Kieli Smith; 5th Grade; Honors- Thaddius Bridges,Ava Fitzhenry High Honors- Zoe Mercer, Kaiden Wood;6th Grade; Honors- Naomi Lauze; High Honors- Austin Fitzhenry, Harley Ingrish; 7th Grade; Honors- Jonathan O’Donnell; High Honors- Cameron Boynton, Eli Tremblay; 8th Grade; Honors- Elesia Berry, Gracie Guptill, Natasha Kilton, Caitlyn Link, Dalton Mercer; High Honors- Aviva Bridges

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