Harrington honor roll

Grade 3 - high honors: Halle Beal, Anabella Cirone, Derek MacLeod, Cameron Morris, Natalie Stanwood. Grade 3 honors Ayla Bagley, William Doloqueist, Angelita Gamez, Natalie Grant, Mark Hulbert, Anthony Ippolito, Sophie Stoddard, Ripley Strout, Fatima Zamora. Grade 4 - high honors Matthew Brooks, Abigail Holubrinkle, Hannah Roeber, Konner Strout. Honors - Kiara Alicea, Riley Cramer, Hailey Derby, Lainie Dorr, Allison Fraser, Carlito Gamez, Jenny Garcia, McKade Robertson, Logan Stubbs. Grade 5 - high honors - Camdyn Colwell, Daniel Ledford.

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