Local youth and parents can look forward to something new happening this summer at the Machias Valley Grange Hall. Partners in Presenting the Performing Arts (PIPPA) will be presenting summer camp at the Grange during the second and third week in July.

The first week of the program will be theatre camp, where local youth will write and produce their own plays, designing their own sets and costumes and acting. At the end of the week, the public will be invited to attend the showing of the plays.


The second week will be exploration camp and will incorporate a bit of everything, with a new and exciting activity each day. Campers will be exploring individuality, art, movement, growing food and cooking, native pollinators and container gardening. Movement will incorporate yoga with Samantha Williams as well as dancing and meditation and exercise. There is also plans to set up a mini-farmers market in Bad Little Falls park where campers will shop for local, healthy foods and then learn how to make healthy snacks and lunch with their “purchases.” The end of Exploration Camp will culminate in an ice-cream social and dance where the public will also be invited to attend.

The idea came to PIPPA and Machias Valley Grange coordinator Rhiannon Hampson-Jovin when her daughter talked about wanting to have more theatre available in school and the community. The same day, another community member and Beehive Design Collective member, Mandy Skinner emailed her, saying “wouldn't it be fun to do a theatre program at the Grange?' Thus, the idea was born and has continued to evolve.

Hampson-Jovin says that she has been looking for ways to get the area youth and the community more involved with the Grange building on Elm Street and these camps are the ideal way to do that. The core idea is to expand on things that might not be available or limited in school curriculum or students peer groups.

“They'll be exploring things that they may not have had much exposure to,” said Hampson-Jovin. “It's a nice way for kids to relax and get that exposure to things that might really interest them.”

Summer Camp at the Grange is for kindergarteners through sixth-graders and will run from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. each day of the week. Space is limited and the camp will operate on a first come first serve basis for registration.

If area adults have skills that they would like to share during the camping session, there is plenty of opportunity during the schedule. The Summer Camp at the Grange is looking for volunteers to help facilitate the camps. Volunteers do not need to be experts, just patient and ready to have fun. The camp will operate on a sliding-scale basis with anywhere from $25-$150 per camper per week. Noone will be turned away due to lack of funds and private arrangements can be made at the time of registration. Parent volunteer hours are available in leu of tuition fees. For more information or to register, contact Rhiannon Hampson-Jovin at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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